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The conflict between Palestinians desire for political independence and the Jewish Zionist movement, “ whose aim was to create a Jewish state, was rooted in centuries of Jewish prayer and yearning to return to the land of Israel.” In 1967 the notable 6-day war which lead to the Israeli army seizing areas such as the Gaza Strip, and dividing Palestinian communities living within these areas. (BBC Judaism) Israeli refugee camps were created and the Palestinians had to suffer discrimination and violence. This Palestine-Israeli conflict is about the right to independence, territory as well as religious and cultural identity. The ongoing conflict between Israeli and Palestine has not only lead to immense violations of human rights and justice, but also a culture of terror, cruelty, oppression and recurring vicious attacks. The question being how can peace and justice be achieved and prevent this cycle of viciousness while also looking at the heart of the conflict of bringing Palestine independence? Why hasn’t the several peace agreements and other attempts not been able to resolve this conflict? Leadership plays a massive part in both bringing upon conflict as well as trying to resolve it. The Sunni and Shia division was merely brought upon by leadership claims. Within the Sunni and Sh’a communities there are significant differences in the organization and structure of religious leadership. While the there is “hierarchy to the Shi'a clergy and political and religious authority is vested in the most learned who emerge as spiritual leaders.” “There is no such hierarchy of the clergy in Sunni Islam. Most religious and social institutions in Sunni Muslim states are funded by the state.” (BBC Islam) The Movie “Inside Islam” traces the orig... ... middle of paper ... ...g involved, could be a powerful way to transform this conflict and create empathy amongst the Israelis. It is essential to generate an environment of cultural understanding of each another as well as positive communications between the two sides in order to form a culture of peace. The importance is to focus on the foundation of strength in regular peoples capability to contribute in mass conflicts. Aiming at satisfying basic human needs such as safety and expressing cultural identity, while dealing with fundamental basic causes of conflict. To build peace is a long process demanding consistent efforts by all of society, unity amongst all, as well as communicating benefits and needs in both peaceful and powerful ways. Things that can bring Palestinians and Israelis closer are cooperative activities, nonviolent acts, and conversations to achieving peace with justice.
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