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I believe that my writing has grown immensely since the beginning of this semester. Through the semester we were assigned many papers that were meant to challenge our writing abilities, and I believe they did just that. Some of the strategies I have worked on (and improved on) this semester include: reading attentively and critically, understanding the writing process, developing my thesis and supporting it, understanding the basic elements of research, and editing and revising effectively. Looking back at the very first assignment we had, which was writing a letter to our school principal, there was a lot of room for improvement to be made, and I believe I took this opportunity to better my writing skills. These skills that I have learned through this class not only helped me in my writing, but will also help my in future semesters to come. I will use these skills when writing papers and when researching for other classes as well.
In the past semester I have learned to read articles attentively and critically. When researching, it is crucial that I am paying close attention to what the author is saying. In my Barbie: a Bad role Model for Children paper, this was extremely important. I had to sort through the information and address the tone of the author in order to determine if the article was a useful source for me. The tone would determine if the author was taking the topic seriously or not.
This semester I have also gained a better understanding of the writing process. With most papers we were assigned, we were required to turn in a rough draft before the paper was actually due. This helped me see where I was at with my paper and determine what areas I needed to work on. A paper I specifically noticed this on was ...

... middle of paper ...

...ghly. Once I started taking my time when writing and setting aside a time to look over my papers and specifically check for these errors my grade improved dramatically. On my final research paper I received an “Impressive” grade in the correctness paper. This shows that I had little to no errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I was very proud to see this improvement considering this was one of my trouble areas at the begging of the semester.
Overall, I am very proud of the work I have accomplished during this semester in this class. I believe my writing has improved dramatically. Although my writing is still not perfect, looking back at the change that has occurred over this semester, I can see that I truly have worked hard in every aspect of this class. I believe this class has challenged my writing abilities and has taught me to be a better writer.
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