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If I were to encounter a homeless person and that I knew that I had enough money to buy them a warm jacket and a meal. I would buy them one. The person is obviously in homeless and in dire need of help. If they didn’t need help they wouldn’t be in front of the store hoping that someone will help them out. I will not be helping the person for the sake that it’s the right event to do, nor it will help my ego, nor it’s my duty. I will help them, by the reason that I want to, considering if I were in the same situation I would want someone to do the same. Someone people may say, that they will not help them out, because according to “Arthur”, if anything is clear, however, it is that our code does not require such heroism (pg. 234). According to Arthur he says that we don’t have to help them out, it’s not our duty to help them out. We can if we want to, but it’s not required of us to help them. If you want to we can help them, but we don’t have to because it’s not our job. People go along with his idea that we don’t have to, we can if we feel like helping someone out; but it’s not necessary. But for myself, that is not the case, I will help them out. And since it’s not out of pity on the person, but it’s my interest that I would want someone to help out and help me attain to be back on my feet. At this book I am moving towards what an “ethical egoist” might say a person is under no obligation to do anything except what is in his own interest (pg. 57). I am doing this, for the reasons that it’s in my own interest and not because someone is forcing me, but because I want to make them feel better. And if they feel better, then I will feel better too.
Some people may argue that why happens to them. For all we know they could be on drugs...

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...c of the homeless person that needs my help, I will help them out. Even though I may not have much, but I know that it will be a great help. I am also not saying that we have to give them part of our items. All I’m saying is that we should help them out with any small portion that we can, because anything can help. And that way you can say that you help a person out. I think the point here is not say that you did it because you have to, nor because it will boost your ego and don’t bloviate, because that won’t suit you. Do it because if you don’t do help them who will. Don’t be vitriolic and start giving whatever you can and I have a feeling that they will be happy with whatever you give them. And remember we are all the same and no one is superior to us, we are all the same, expect people act in a rococo matter and they think that they are far more superior to us.

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