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Discussion Decision criteria The decision criteria outlined act in accordance with acQuire’s vision and mission statements. For instance, the reputation of acQuire Technology Solutions has more to do with the adoption of a consistent approach across the subsidiaries than with a myriad of internet aspects. This can be attributed to the fact that certain decisions affects the company’s quality control and consistency, although the company has really enjoyed a seamless compliance to the delivery of an obstinate customer support service. This means that the company must create an image that portrays the products and services offered as necessary (Eswar, 2009). Accountability to the company’s stakeholders is another requirement which must be put into consideration. Since it’s quite evident any consultation service offered by the company will go a long way in influencing the operations in the mining industry, acQuire must be accountable for what it does by addressing certain ethical issues. Propagation of workplace safety, for instance, would be of great impact in the mining industry because it will help reduce workplace related health issues like deafness. Customer value addition is imperative, and this can be achieved through prioritization of customer’s problems. The company’s primary focus should be based solving these problems. According to the introductory video on acQuire’s website, the CEO asserted that the company’s drive should be founded on offering value to the clients instead of making profits. However, certain level of profitability must be met in order to keep the company alive. Sustainability is another crucial issue which should be considered to be acQuire’s top priority. This can actually be achieved through susten... ... middle of paper ... ... related businesses. For instance, the company can expand their scope to other newly related business niches, such as financial and IT solutions instead of just focusing on natural resources software. This will allow acQuire solutions to achieve a perfect balance between profits and losses, especially during a financial crisis (Joseph, 2004). AcQuire can secure its current client base while attracting new ones by repositioning its brand. This will actually create a more resilient client base, especially if it’s a brand that seeks to appeal various segments of the market through deliberate networking. Basically, networking improves collaboration, and social media is one of the most efficient tools that acQuire can employ. Rebranding will surely boost the company’s reputation, and thus it adds more value to both its employees and customers (Emerald Group, 2013).

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