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A company that goes back as far as 1889, Nintendo is considered to be the oldest video-game company in the world. Originally the company was creating card-games but from the 1960s to the present time, they ventured into numerous different businesses before finally landing in the lucrative video-game industry, which is where it would end up leaving its mark as one of the most influence gaming company in the world.
Nintendo’s first shot into gaming was as the Japanese importer of the very first commercially sold console called Magnavox Odyssey. However this console never reached the same level of popularity like Atari‘s Pong game which would be mimicked by numerous companies in the 1970s.
However, it was in the arcades where Nintendo would eventually make its most massive impression. The 1979 arcade denomination RadarScope was a sizable success in Japan but failed upon its release in the US. So what they did is they took the game back and it ended up being dramatically redesigned and would come back under the name of the hit called “Donkey Kong”. While an unknown at the time, Shi...
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