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Nintendo operates in the manufacturing and distribution of quality interactive entertainment products with a target audience of people, women and men of a younger generation. According to the Mintel report, Ika Erwina mad an interesting statistic regarding the type of gaming audience and the ages of people who participate in games; adults who own or play video games dropped from 46% of all adults to 38%. She also explained that “Gaming at home is more or less tied to age, decreasing steadily with age. Those aged 55+ have the biggest preference for gaming at home as opposed to gaming while outside the house. Though this age group is the least likely to say they play a mobile game at home (25%), they are even less inclined to game outside the home (17%)” (Mintel 2013).
Statistics like that are good to look into because it helps Nintendo look at the different group’s people that can market their products too. Since a lot of older people are more likely to spend time at home to play
Also listed on their main site the company explains that they not only want to build a relation wit...
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