Pantene Commercial: Commercial Analysis Of A Commercial

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I chose this commercial because it blatantly shows gender inequality throughout the entire commercial but ends with a powerful message to women. The commercial starts of showing a business man who seems to be in a manager or a high position in the business that he is working at, and he is speaking or giving instructions to another employee. The add shows that he is seen as a boss, while a woman in the same position giving instructions to another employ is seen as being bossy. The next scene a man is giving a speech and is seen as being persuasive, while a woman who is doing the same is seen as being pushy. Then is shows a man who is up late either working or studying and the scene implies that he has a young child, and the man is seen as being dedicated. While the same scene…show more content…
It moves on to show a man who is well dressed and seen as being smooth, while the woman who is well dressed is seen as showing-off. The commercial ends by saying “Don’t let labeled hold you back” and saying, “Be strong and shine”. This commercial essentially was for Pantene which is a brand for hair care products for women in the Philippines. What was striking about this commercial is that not only was it displaying gender inequality, but it was also very relatable. The commercials show the hardships and negative labels that society put on women who try to be powerful or being in a “man’s” position. It is striking to see how by doing the exact same things a man and a woman are labeled very differently. If a man does something the labels were always positive and the man looks very confident at what he is doing. While when the woman does the exact same things she is looked down upon by society, and in some parts of the commercial you see that the woman is affected by these

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