Pan's Labyrinth Film Analysis

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Introduction -

We aim to create a psychological horror that will leave a mark on the viewer's mind.
We will use point of view shots, where you are seeing the scene from the character's point of view, this can add suspense and make the viewer one with the character.
A psychological horror aims to create discomfort by exposing common or universal psychological and emotional vulnerabilities/fears to revealing the darker parts of the human psyche that most people may ignore or deny. The characters reaction will also fuel and influence the audiences. A lot of hand held shots will be used to remove the movie feel from the scenes and remove the 4th wall. Dark/low level lighting – Low level lighting is very often used in horror films to create a
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Other times, sound designers will make the atmosphere very ominous and creepy, with very little in the background. In the film Pan’s Labyrinth, the main character is in an imaginary world, with an creepy monster. In the premise, the little girl isn’t allowed to eat any of the delicious food sitting on the table, or the creature will wake up and try to eat her. As she is walking around, the creature can be seen sitting at the table, almost like it is dead. There is not much to the background sounds. You can hear the fire crackling a bit, but there is no music. As she is walking around, the sound designer sets the tone with very ominous sounds, like breathing, for what is about to…show more content…
Even if you can’t see the horrific image, you can still hear the bones crack, the blood spray, and the victim let out one last shriek or a dying breath. For example, the sound editor would record the sound of a machete slashing a watermelon into little bits to be used where the serial killer slashes a victim's skull into little bits

Research About Psychological Horrors -

Conventions of Psychological Horrors -

Tend to rely on the characters beliefs, fears and other hidden truths about the character/what they have done.
They expose the evil that hides behind normality, but also contains elements of the paranormal genre in which the audience cannot relate completely.

Psychological horrors rarely include physical weapons as they are built mainly on supernatural/psychological “weapons” such as a killer’s twisted mind to induce fear into the victims and audience.
Typically, the settings are places that are common associations with the audience. Eg; a hospital, a house, a forest. The typical sound/music heard is a contrapuntal sound, which is a sound that does not match the action shown on the screen at that particular moment; this increases the paranormal fears of the film.
(Example of contrapuntal sound):
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