Palestinian/Israeli Relations

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In the beginning, Jews were persecuted and discriminated against in Europe, it got even worse during the Holocaust. Zionists suggested massive immigration to historic Palestine where at the time was a British colony. People went along well until… “In 1947, the UN offered the Jewish immigrants the majority of the land (historic Palestine) for a new state called Israel”, it was great news for the Jewish immigrants but to the indigenous Palestinians it was a massive destruction of life.
“The Israeli forces essentially erased over 400 Palestinian villages and towns, by the end of the fighting Israel controlled 78% of historic Palestine”, in my opinion, that’s clearly invasion. Some Palestinians stayed and became second-class citizens of the new state, some Palestinians left to seek a better life, most refugees moved to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jordan, but when they tried to go back to their homeland, they were permanently barred by the Israeli government.
However, the Israeli government didn’t stop there, even after the fact that there’s so little left of the land for the indi...
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