Pakistan's Water Scarcity

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Water is essential for survival; all of human civilization depends on having a reliable supply of fresh water available. Unfortunately, water is not an infinite resource, and, water depletion could be a serious concern in the near future because every aspect of human life will be affected. Pakistan is a nation that has been suffering from shortage of water in the recent years. Over the past decade, Pakistan has been facing scarcity of potable water due to the contamination of the Indus River as well as the excessive use of it for agriculture.
Pakistan's main source of freshwater, the Indus River, is slowly dying because the contamination and poor sanitation are rendering it too toxic use. Apparently, “water quality is being taken for granted, with no control over it. No department seems to be responsible for the water quality (Awwal). This situation is shocking since the Pakistanis are not acting to stop this inhumanity. The lack of the government setting rules on its usage is the reason why the Indus River is being used uncontrollably. In addition, if the Pakistanis, the ones facing the consequences, are not doing anything about it, nobody will. They must take action and demand the government make their water safe to use. Citizens need water to drink, cook, wash etc… Unfortunately, if they consume this contaminated water, they will become infected with waterborne diseases which will affect their health.
Not only is there no one to enforce the rules over the Indus River, citizens are letting unlawful actions to take place. For example, they are allowing "leaking sewage pipes … dirty water to seep into drinking water pipes, causing an increase in water-borne diseases” (“PAKISTAN”). Citizens can help prevent this by putting...

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...e the ones who must live with that water. Every drop of water counts, especially when there is a shortage and a need for it.

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