Pain Is Explainable Essay: How Pain Is Inevitable

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Pain is Inevitable
Pain, a word that is always associated with getting hurt. The real question now is how it hurt. In life people experience many types of pain. There are two different kinds of pain; physical and mental. The physical part of pain is like falling from something, cutting your arm, or stubbing your toe. The mental part of pain is like hurting someone’s feeling from saying something harsh or doing something to them emotionally, which hurts inside. The causes and effects of physical and mental pain are very different but can be both equally devastating and even more dramatic with emotionally disturbed people. Causes for physical pain are purely explainable. In all cases it hurts. In most cases I get hurt physically; it is from doing something really stupid. One great example is the time I was twelve and broke my leg. I was in a swing with my eyes closed,
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These are the effects that come from the heart; our emotions are triggered by these feelings. What people say and do can have very hurtful effects on others. If a son said to a father I hate you, the father will be hurt and the effect is that he will think he is a horrible father. These feelings leave permanent emotional scars on people and can be devastating to the people it effects. Some people can not forgive in these situations and it can ruin people’s relationships.
Death, one other way that can hurt mentally is also a rough way to think about pain. My stepbrother’s father died recently. He was pretty upset and he was hurt, but he will get over the pain of losing a loved one. This pain is the one kind of pain that will always leave you hurt. You don’t know that you are going to get hurt by knowing a person till they are gone. The mental pain death can create could make you crazy. Losing someone you care about is the worst pain to suffer, but the depressing effects it can have will possibly come out for the
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