Pain Concepts In Nursing

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Pain Concept
Concepts are ideas that assist nurses with understanding various circumstances. Concepts also enable nursing researchers, seeking scientific theory, to identify and measure theory components. It is best to have clear concepts in order to avoid misunderstandings. For instance, confusion can hinder an individual’s knowledge when providing patient education. Clear concepts also prevent poor communication that can lead to unintentional non-compliance and delay recovery processes (Stewart, Schofield, Elliott, Torrance, & Leveille, 2014).
Purpose for Studying the Pain Concept
Young, old, male, female, everyone feels degrees of pain for a variety of reasons. Pain is real and it is different for everyone. Pain can hold a magnitude
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The relevance of this model to the nursing profession has noted that pain was the core foundation of this model, causing immobility, constipation, nausea, and respiratory compromise (Reimer-Kent, 2012). According to Reimer-Kent (2012) the defining attributes of acute pain is short in duration and the description of acute pain was suggesting anything was more than mild if the pain rating was 3 or above on a 1-10 pain scale rating (Reimer-Kent, 2012).
Chronic Pain
Long-term care is a common place for nurses to witness someone suffering from chronic pain because chronic pain is long in duration. Stewart et al. (2014), explains the defining attributes of chronic pain as a physical and psychological occurrence lasting more than three months. Many times the aging population will have multiple illnesses or diseases that will result in chronic pain.
Seniors have knowledge deficits about pain. The knowledge deficits lead to the mismanagement of chronic pain. Therefore, it is important for the elderly to engage in Persistent Pain Self-Management (PPSM). According to Stewart et al. (2014), PPSM is a multidimensional process from the willing and able aging individual along with the support from others, in managing pain through education and
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As discussed previously, there are several types of pain. For instance, Taverner (2014) defines neuropathic pain “as a complex type of pain initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the nervous system” (p. 442).
Due to the nerve damage, the synaptic transmission enables a reduction in the pain threshold and therefore amplifies the pain response and sensitivity (Taverner, 2014). According to Taverner (2014) few patients experience short durations of neuropathic pain and may even gain a full recover. However, most do not recover completely and the individual learns coping skills or seeks pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological interventions (Taverner,

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