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Paid for Good Grades
Kids should be paid for good grades and their hard work. Think back when you were in school, or if you are in school now, and imagine how immense of a sensation it would be to receive money for your good grades. It would make you want to do better and try harder to acquire the better grades; you would be able to buy the things you always wanted, just by getting exceptional grades in school. Kids these days may get a pat on the back or a nice job from a parent for their grades, but what if they got paid for their good grades, how would they react? That is why kids that are in school now who works hard for superior grades, should be paid for their good grades and hard work for a better incentive and much more.
First, paying kids for good grades will make them want to do better and achieve their goals. Students offered cash incentives in the Louisiana program enrolled in more classes, earned more credits, and had a better average than students not in the program. As Borba, a mom of college kids on exclaims “For some kids who are strugglers, [Cash incentives] would be a way to get them to try a little harder” (Borba 2). If the students were getting paid for good grades, it would make the class additionally appealing, because they know they will get a reward if they do well. As Alfie Kohn, an author of Incentive Plans, claims “With teenagers they all perform better and work harder when the task is interesting, and fun to do” (Kohn 3). Through these reasons it clearly states that students will want to do better if they receive a cash incentive.
Secondly, it would extremely help low income students. College students are right from the start, hit with expenses of bills, tuitions, books, and housing. W...

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...hing more than bribery. She claims “...I am involved with these students daily… If [Giving students money] is what we need to do to motivate them to reach their goals…Which will ultimately lead to them having a better life.”(Cosey) If the students do end up reaching their goals, they will be getting cash incentives shortly after graduating, by getting a job. Paying students money will motivate them to try harder, and end up reaching their goals.
All in all, kids that is in school who work hard for good grades should be paid for their good grades and hard work for an even better incentive to follow. Students will want to overall to do better in school, would help low income students in various ways, and it will motivate students that struggle with school. Treat school like a job, what if you went to work, and you worked hard, and was not being paid for it,
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