Pagan Holidays Essay

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Holidays are a major part of culture around the world. No matter where someone goes, the culture that surrounds them may have their own unique holidays. In the culture that has surrounded me my whole life, we celebrate 18 holidays. Every holiday has their own reason to be celebrated, whether it’s a holiday to remember something or someone who has made an impact on our society, or if it is to celebrate pagan holidays that were established back in biblical times, we always have something to celebrate. The one holiday that stands out to me the most, is Easter. In most American families Easter is celebrated traditionally with kids searching for little plastic eggs with a variety of candies hidden inside. It is a time for families to come together…show more content…
We would still host the party and eat two meals lunch and dinner. Everyone would show up and leave at the same time. There were only a couple of things that were major changes that I noticed. The changes effected the kids the most, not so much the parents. Instead of just running around and doing our own thing to have fun, we ran around trying to find eggs with goodies inside of them. The eggs would have anything from money to candy inside them. The money would be separated evenly between the us kids; the parents did this by putting one of our names on one egg so everyone go ten dollars or how ever much money we got. Another thing that I wish had never changed would be the cleaning up part. As us kids grew older, we had to help with clean up time. My dad would be the one to ask us to help we had to clear the table, put in and take out dishes in the dishwasher, and lastly store all the leftovers in the…show more content…
I do not think I have stayed happy through a full holiday. When I was 15 or during summer going into sophomore year my parents got divorced. For the past three years every Easter I would have to go from my mom’s brothers house down in Illinois to my dads in Wisconsin. This may not sound horrible but just through out the day I get annoyed. My mom does not host Easter because the house she is living in is to small for her side of the family, so we drive two hours south to my uncles. We leave the house around 10:30am, but my sister and I take a separate car than my mom. The reason we do so is because my sister and I have to leave before my mom to drive two hours back up to Wisconsin to my dads. When we arrive to my uncles house we greet everyone and just hang around talking to each other. Uncle Keith who is my moms brother loves to cook, so he preps our Easter meal. Once my sister and I eat around one we say our goodbyes and head to my dads. Growing up overtime, I started to not get a long with my dad and he just always put me in a horrible mood. During the three year that were like this and the ones to come, I would walk into the house and sit on a couch or chair and watch television. Sometimes my sister and I would eat it all depended on how much we ate at my uncles. This would be the one night that my sister and I would sleep at my dad’s house, only because my mom had full custody of us
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