Packer's Due Process Model Of The Crime Control Model

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Crime control models have been important to the government in the United States because it allows it to keep citizens away from crimes. First of all, Packer’s due process model is a system in which it has a liberal approach in maintaining the rights and liberties of any citizen. According to the textbook crime control in America: what works states that (Worrall, 2015, pg. 26) “due process advocates believe that the government’s job is not first and foremost to control crime, but rather to maximize human freedom, which includes protecting citizens from undue government influence.” The due process model is simply protecting citizens from unfair justice. The government at times makes mistakes in incarcerating people that were believe to be guilty.…show more content…
On the other hand, the crime control model falls on the conservative view because they believe that some liberties might be sacrificed from the public in order to get rid of any type of crime. According to (Worrall, 2015, pg, 28), “the goal is to move criminals through the justice process with as little delay as possible. If mistakes are made along the way and someone is wrongfully charged or convicted, so be it.” This model is stricter because they believe that a suspect is considered to be guilty until he or she has been proven innocent. They are more concern on the criminal justice, rather than the constitutional rights of the people. Their main goal is to have absolutely no crime on the
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