Packaging Design Essay

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Every year the consumer market grows briskly and the counting of competitors among different products and goods increases steadily. And to stick out against competitors, every company brings in something new. One of the most important and the popular marketing tool is packaging and its design, which differentiates them from others. Packaging is the process of covering and wrapping of goods. It involves designing and producing wrapper. A good packaging design offer goods in safe and secured manner to the customer. The role of designing a good package is to sell the product, protect the product and facilitate the use of the product. Modern packaging roots back to the late 18th century when the industrial revolution
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The secret of successful packaging lies with the looks and the design of the product. The riots of combination of colors and the overflow of unnecessary information may not be a turn on for successful packaging. By looking at a product the customer wants the answers of few questions like what is the product and what is the brand, if the product design offers answer to the specific questions then it is a successful packaging design. If a product attracts the customer with its great looks and is complicated and lacks a good quality of information then it is of no use.
The design of the product should not only be simple but it should also stand out from the design of the competitors. The designer must do justice with the readability of the text. When a customer goes to buy a product, he is firstly attracted by its looks, thus the design of the product should be distinctive and
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It should be his own creation and not a copy of someone else’s.
Directly stating the facts may be boring and it may break the monotony of the text, for adding personality to the design the designer should use a distinct language and imagery as it offers a story to the design.
The design of the product should be made flexible as it will make room for the variations that will take place in future, and the variations are allowed easily with no loss of any visual appeal.
Packaging of the product is not just limited to the wrapper or label of the product it is more than that to the container, box or carton. Packaging is the last opportunity to convince the customer for the product thus the design of the product should be simple, authentic and clear.
There are few products which have set a milestone in the packaging industry like:
This is a new brand of high endurance kitchenware. The brand has more than a dozen containers with differentiated sizes and capacity therefore the need for developing a package system aroused which would categories the containers in a practical manner.
In the design hierarchy, the product’s specification comes first and then the distinctive
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