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When speaking with Mr. Steele about the costs associated with the quality of service for, Pack USA, a courier service that delivers medication for a large pharmaceutical company, and other deliveries to various customers in New Jersey and the tri state area, he began with talking about the history of his company and costs associated with the quality of service in providing good customer service that can be an effective approach for any business by “Developing the strategy map is a key first step in the strategic process…a balanced scorecard that enables the organization to identify the key measures that will lead to long-term strategic success”(Smith, 2012). Mr. Steele stated the costs associated his organization experience is not only important, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mr. steele discussed the costs associated with the quality of service for pack usa, a courier service that delivers medication for pharmaceutical company.
  • Describes the five business principles that service companies must adhere to in order to remain successful by incorporating a balanced scorecard system into the company.
  • Illustrates how pack usa's balanced scorecard system complements financial measures with operational measures on customer satisfaction, internal processes, and innovation and improvement activities. knowledge management has emerged as an important field for practice and research in information systems.
  • Explains that pack usa adopts the abc system to segregate the expenses of overhead resources for its business activities.
  • Explains that sustainability for pack usa is embedded in their business practices by which the company is effective at managing its employees and servicing its customer, but garnering value in the form of reputation building, cost savings, and growth opportunities.
  • Explains pack usa's cost-volume-profit (cvp) financial model, which changes with changes in any of its variables to make the organization more efficient and profitable.
  • Explains that service organizations provide important information to assist customers with challenges that a business organization may face.

Additionally, Pack USA short and long-term value creation may be explained in part by the fact that building a good reputation is more sustainable by itself for service organizations when compared to other business organizations, by aligning company’s business goals and operational efficiency. Given sustainability’s importance Mr. Steele expressed how service organizations mainly Pack USA, embarked on important efforts to create shared value by integrating the intersection between society and corporate performance, for instance, taking responsibility for issues that affect the company that can affect their customers, that can may cause litigation, by acting within and even beyond societal norms. Cost Volume Profit Analysis Basic calculations for service organizations use the cost-volume-profit (CVP) financial model Pack USA uses a single-product, multiple-product, to perform sensitivity analysis, also called what-if analysis. The CVP model will change with changes in any of its variables (e.g., changes in fixed costs, variable costs, sales price, or sales mix). Service organizations seek a reduction of overhead costs to make the organization more efficient and profitable. The focus is typically on how changes in variables will alter their profit. To illustrate sensitivity analysis, Pack USA, a company that services pharmaceutical and residential customers the assumptions were as

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