Pacific War Essay

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In most war movies, directors try their best to depict the major events exactly as it occurred. Pearl Harbor, a movie based on the tragic events of 1941, portrays the attack on Pearl Harbor with an added love story to catch the viewers’ attention. The movie contained extra information and a dramatic love story, which make the film oversimplified and inaccurate. The main characters in the movie are fiction and play a part in this film to make viewers identify with the characters and relate to them other than just showing the event exactly as it occurred. When trying to mix a history event with a love story, it gets complicated, facts are changed, and the movie has a different view. Background information from the film can be identified as historically inaccurate. For example, in the first scene, the boys play with a crop duster that belonged to one of the dads. This is inaccurate because the crop dusters did not become commercially available until the late 30s. The movie also places Twenty First century communications technology into 1940 aircrafts that allow the pilots to communicate with ease . Planes did not have radios like that. The film also depicts how the commanding officer, Admiral Kimmel, found out about the attack while playing golf and also depicts kids playing baseball while the Jap planes fly into the island2. However, Kimmel never left to the golf course during that day and nobody plays baseball at seven in the morning when the planes actually attacked2. When the battle starts, both main fighter pilots take off from an airfield that lay under aerial assault. Their heroics portrayed in the film parallel that of real life pilots George Welch and Kenneth Taylor, but they did not take off under the conditions displayed... ... middle of paper ... ... advisors shows the dramatic effect and how it got implemented in the film2. Pearl Harbor has given people some information of the attack that some people did not know how it actually happened. It leads people to be interested in the subject because of a Hollywood movie. However this film has changed the popular views of this era by offering false information that did not get disposed in the first place. The characters in the movie are made to relate to viewers and to be more entertaining. The movie is also more biased towards the Japanese as it shows their bravery and how the Jap soldiers only followed orders and did so because of their military service and did not volunteer. However, with the addition to this, facts are sacrificed and changed. Therefore, the audience of Pearl Harbor is filled with false information so that the movie becomes more entertaining.

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