Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso, the creater of many famous works of art, is a man born on october 25th 1881, with two sisters Lola and Conchita. His sister Conchita at the age of 4 fatally died. When Pablo was 8 his interests in painting started to get him into actually painting. Since the artist had such talent he then at the age of 5 got drawing lessons in Malaga, and his father who is an art teacher supported that in every way. The artist took the distinctive name of his mother. He was an artistic prodigy, When picasso was 14 he qualified for the test of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in one day. He may have been the best at art and drawing but that didn’t disclude the fact that Picasso wasn’t a great student and he would rather draw in notebooks than learning anything in class. When Pablo was just a little older (16 years old) he was continuing with this bad behavior in school, or out of school by skipping it to go and draw the people and citizens of Madrid.

He changed the art world by inventing new artistic works. He showed the world that he wanted to do something different with his life other than do what everyone told him to do with his paintings. People in his time painted by measuring and having it be in a specific perspective. It was made to be closest to nature. Since, Picasso was such a creative and intelligent man he used his imagination to show the world a whole new era and meaning to the term “art” . His long and fulfilling artistic career lasted 75 years of his life.
Pablo Picasso was taken control of by his own father when he was just a little older. His father Jose Ruiz Blasco, decided that it was best to teach Picasso all about art, sent him to schools where he would be close to his dad because he worked there as a te...

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...ions.In late 1906 Picasso started to paint in a new revolutionary matter. He developed inspiration from Cézanne's works and his depiction of space. Picasso’s friend George Braque helped him begin to look at space in a more geometrical way that caused him to start his efforts in developing a new sculptural sense of space. These all made picasso find his way into the works of cubism.

In conclusion, Pablo Picasso was a very interesting man that didn't believe in normal geometric art. He went out to do his own thing (the cubism art) He never created a masterpiece that was better than any of his other works because he wanted people to look at his creations as a whole and being equal. He was weak in his composition and that stayed with him during the rest of his life but because of his genius ideas of changing art forever he now is known as a great and special artist.
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