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The first installment of the classroom management lab was a great review of many of the important factors that need to be addressed when creating a classroom management plan. Today’s session focus on how to create a safe environment that allows for optimal learning. I need to continually ask myself, “Do I know enough about my students to know when they feel safe and if there are other students they don’t feel safe around?” Keeping my students safe is one of the most important responsibilities I have as an educator. One concept that I had not considered as I have worked towards my teacher certification was my own personal safety. We had a long conversation about teacher safety and how to improve a classroom’s environmental design to allow for a quick escape if I ever had an issue with a parent in my classroom. My desk should be facing the classroom so that I can see everyone and close to the door to allow me to exit if ever necessary. The classroom environment must also support student needs. The classroom must allow all students equal access to content and resources within the room. The student tables and chairs need to be arranged for optimal maneuverability. I will be conscious of my students needs and I will willingly adjust my own techniques to best support my students. I need to form trustworthy relationships with each students to build mutual respect between us. I am a firm believer in treating my students with equal respect and taking any concerns they may have seriously. If I say I am going to do something, then I am going to do it. The only way to show students I am worth learning from is by showing them that I am a genuine person who follows through on my promises. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT LAB- PART II APRIL 12TH,... ... middle of paper ... ...ingful to me as an educator and I will be able to reflect on this experience to guide my future actions within the classroom. F.1: Write sample letter to parents indicating child’s progress, supervised by teacher Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, I would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss Andrew’s academic progress. With summer break quickly approaching, I feel that there are strategic actions we can take to support Andrew’s continued growth over the next few months. I am available before and after school and I would also be open to meeting on a Saturday. I have greatly enjoyed teaching Andrew over the last two years and I would like to work with you to insure his continued success as he moves up to third grade in the fall. Thank you for your continued support of Andrew’s learning at home. Sincerely, Kajsa Nelson
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