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PS3 gaming market If talking about PS3 in India as compare to PC definitely PC comes first. India is in under developing country, According to survey peoples wants PC to playing games because PC is multitasking not only for games, then why they wants PS3 especially for games. Even many people can’t afford it, In India PS3 Rs 25000 and Wii U is 25000 as compare to PC its costly In terms of platform popularity, PC wins. India has around 11 million gaming PCs. Console-wise, PS3 is the clear leader in this generation. This is part of the reason that Sony has now started manufacturing PS3 games in-country, bringing down the costs of its products substantially. The average PlayStation 3 game used to cost $55 in India, but, after setting up a local production unit, Sony is offering some of the most popular PS3 titles for as little as $20 in India. The result is obvious: people are buying more games. PC gaming market The rate of growth of the Indian PC gaming in the past two years has been exponential growth. The Indian gaming scene is fast becoming more social than before, boosted by online gaming and multiplayer games, apart from gaming parlours. Gaming communities are also being built. According to GeForce business ahead Nvidia, the Indian PC gaming market is currently made up of roughly 14 million gamers. Nvidia's definite absence from the console gaming segment (with both next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony featuring AMD graphics), Nvidia is currently focussing on the PC gaming market, which is still growing rapidly globally. At Dec 9,2013 India launch roadshow for its new gaming GPU, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, Nvidia organised an event at Xtreme Gaming eSports Stadium in New Delhi, Nvidia said it is capable of 'delive... ... middle of paper ... ...IDIA GTX 780 Ti with resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD display and ps3 is on the max resolution of 1920x1080 My Review about graphical comparison of AC 4 In this game the texture of the character is much better in PC than PS 3 because the power of the GPU is much better than PS 3 the soft shadow quality is better than PS 3 . There is more depth in color , image quality is much better , ambient occlusion i.e the HBOA+ is much better than the Playstation 3 the Gods Ray is better in PC Conclusion : If we want to play the game Assassin’s creed Black Flag with ultimate quality we have to spend about 7000-8000 US$ to get a gaming rig with a liquid cooling cabinet , i7 extreme , most powerful gpu of NVIDIA GTX 690 3-way SLI with multiple display But PS3 cost about 24 k which is more economical than ultimate gaming Rig but the the quality of the the PC is the Best
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