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As one of the emerging economies of the world, China plays an important role in the global market economy as an export-oriented country and with an emphasis in manufacturing industry it is identified as the world's factory in the past few decades. Due to increasing domestic demand and fluctuant international financial condition, the role of China in contemporary trade' class='brand-secondary'>international trade is changing subtly. China is at the point of economic transformation, and as a main force of the international market China's motion will stir up opportunities for a new era.
My economic background and previous experiences intrigue my interests in international trade and economy development. The more I get to know the Master of Global Affairs program at Yale, the more I feel I belong there. The program best fits my background, my expectations and my objectives.
I remember once reading a saying of Winston Churchill: “the farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see.” Looking back makes me realize that every step in the past matters with my choice today.
I am a motivated person. Facing an opportunity, I always do whatever I can to seize it and transform the experience into my assets. Peking University provides me a high platform with plenty of opportunities and challenges, in which I learned how to make choices and how to stick to the goal.

My pervious overseas experiences portray my tenacious personality to walk out of the comfort zone and pursue excellence and seek for international exposure. I delegated as the team leader in Global Business Leadership Program in New York City as a sophomore and later I was selected as an exchange student to Taiwan Chengchi University by Peking University from 25 applicants that year. Moreover, I w...

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... academic background and the confidence and passion which Jackson instills in me to be the global leader and impact the world, I wish to work in the think tank or International organization like the WTO for several years after graduation to accumulate hands-on experiences. After years of practicing, I intend to move back to the public service sectors in China, like the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and impact the country's future economic trend as a policy maker.

Global affairs may seem like a conception aloof from ordinary life. However, among people who involved in global affairs, there are renowned brilliant leaders standing under the spotlight and there are also people working in a specific region and benefit the community with persistent efforts. I want to be one of them and I believe Jackson in Yale has the magically power for me to transform into my ideality.

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