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In the world, there are approximately 75,000,000 horses and 350 breeds of horses that can be found around the world ( Horses are amazing and beautiful creatures that may be used as show horses or a family pet. Show horses require many hours of daily preparation in order to be competitive in the show ring. I have grown up with horses my whole life. I watched my mother show horses and followed in her footsteps.

The most important aspects of show day are the appearance and the way the horse presents itself to the horse judge. The judge will look at the structure, muscle, and balance of the horse. To be competitive on show day, the horse must be healthy and have a good attitude. A horse requires a balanced diet. The horse should have no need for additional supplements unless the owner knows that he or she is suffering from a deficiency. The show horse should be well conditioned but not carry too much extra fat (Boyes). The amount of grain given to the horse depends on its weight. Proper nutrition gives the horse a shiny coat. Clean water should be available at all times. A mature horse may drink twelve gallons of water a day (North Dakota State University). The horse requires grooming and training, in order to be prepared for show day.

Horse owners may forget about the importance of the horse’s dental health. Yearly, the horse should have its teeth “floated”. Floating is the removal of the sharp or jagged edges. Sedating the horse is recommended for safety issues during the equine dental floating process. If a horse has poor dental health, it could have trouble eating and may lose weight. Horse’s teeth grow constantly until they get into their mid twenties. There teeth last up to twenty or ...

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