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"Back again Perseus?" Aster greeted as I sat on the stool, nymphs and satyrs ideally browsed around the small shop. " You did finished that bag already did you?" he joked. Aster's shop was small, cluttered,and dusty but if you looked hard enough you can find just about anything. I went there mostly for the rare candy and enchanted objects. I had to remind myself to be careful and read labels though 4 months ago I ate a whole bag of jelly bean and got a fever and my whole arm would change colors like a mood ring. "Not this time." "Well that's strange your never down here this often, what about your lessons?" "The mortal children don't have school all this week." I answered smirking "Oh right," he scratched his dark red beard "one of those holidays." He took out a stack of old books from the behind the counter as he slid them aside they one by one placed themselves into different places on bookshelves, I don't really know what Aster is, his he look like he is in his 20s or 30s, unlike the other monsters around Olympus (other than the gods) he looked perfectly human. I got up from my stool "Can I ask you something?" "Shoot." he replied "I been hearing Hera talk about a Camp." "A Camp?" he repeated "Oh yes!" "You heard of it!" I said jumping up excitedly, I moved out the way to let a sickly looking nymph make her purchase. A scroll dropped from somewhere above hitting my shoulder on the way down. "Open it up." Aster instructed I picked it up took it over to a nearby table to look at the old thing, it took me a couple tries to decode the writing, after the letters stopped flipping around I finally made out "Camp Half Blood" again and again I looked it over what I could gather from the lava rock climbing wall and th... ... middle of paper ... ...and felt something hard and round in it, the drachma. I slide off my bed and crossed over to my closet, I closed the door and gently took the door knob, I stood to the opposite side of the door and pulled it, easily it slid from one side of the frame to the other side I then open the door and once closet was now a bathroom. I stepped in and turned on the sink the water began trickling and I instantly felt a sharp tug in my gut. A thin mist began shoot out into the air, the lights causes a bit of a rainbow effect. I flipped the coin, " Poseidon, Atlantis" I said. There was three beeps and then mist disappeared the coin clattered on the floor, a sudden urge to sleep washed over me, I turned off the water, closed the door and slinked over to my bed, I turned off the lamp and turned on the projection of the city. Then I just laided there waiting for my next nightmare.

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