PESTEL Analysis: The Pestle Analysis Of Google

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1.0 Introduction

In 1998, Larry page and Sergey Brin discovered Google Inc which made their search engine recognised and well-liked globally.

People's lifestyle on a daily basis has been altered and modernised with the influence of the many complimentary services and products delivered by Google such as YouTube, Google Search, Google Translate, Google Maps.

According to Bloomberg (2014), users' recognition of Google as a progressive global technology company emphasising on research and creativity have earned Google the title "The World's Most Valuable Brand".

Their business model stretches from high tech gadgets like Solar-powered drones, Self-driven automobiles, Google Glass to operating systems, advertising and data analytics. As of
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2.1 Political

Despite the fact that political restrictions and government intervention in a country have little influence in Google's operations, the stability of the government plays a very important factor for Google's business strategy.

According to Berdzenadze (2013), Singapore had been ranked highest among all the asian countries in political stability ranking and top in Global Competitiveness Report as the leading Asian country for competitive economy by the Word Economic Forum (2013).

Stable economy and politics in market operations will give an extra boost to businesses and in turn increase in advertising, providing Google with more business opportunities.

2.2 Economical

In 2008, an online Time magazine article by Quittnet, quoted Google was not affected by recession and preserve with firm gross profit margins beyond the economic decline. Google overcome the decline with its free services to customers and business advertisers switch from traditional media advertising to advertising online to minimise
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2.3 Social

Singapore have higher percentage of mobile and Internet penetration rates of about 155% and 85% respectively (IDA, 2017). Customers who accept or used to technology often use Internet as their first medium of research for products before making the decision to buy them. This essential process adds as an advantage to Google. To further optimise the outreach its services to mobile users, Google launched mobile operating system called Android which currently secured close to half of the mobile market share according to comScore (2014), making it major factor for marketers to advertise their products with Google.

Google create a unique experience for their end users by individualising and customising through gathering their personal details.

However, this might also be a threat to Google's business, considering the concerns and people's behaviour towards the right to protect their privacy and personal data

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