PED Use In Baseball

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Tony Foulk
Tim Arnold
May 1, 2014
Research Paper
The use of Physically Enhancing Drugs in Baseball.
The use of Physically Enhancing Drugs (PED) in baseball is getting ridiculous and is setting a bad example for our youth. With an ever increasing physical demand to be the best player on the field some players think they need the extra edge to pull ahead of their competition. It is believed to be that only half the players in Major League Baseball (MLB) don’t use PED’s to get an edge on their opponents (Schreiber). Those who love the game and want the game to stay pure are starting to speak out and stop the use of illegal PED’s in Baseball. Those who want to evolutionize the game want PED use legalized. What are the pro’s and con’s of PED use in baseball?
There are many perks in PED use though. PED stands for physically enhancing drugs which means that athletes will be bigger stronger and better than ever. This also means an increase in the speed of the game and more amazing achievements than ever before (Webb). This all would allow baseball to get more exciting as a sport and possibly create larger viewing numbers. Allowing PED’s would make a great show for all of america. And if you allow PED use then the playing fields will be leveled from those who used them in the past (Webb). PED use would revolutionize the game just as a new rule should.
There are many downfalls to PED use in baseball. Physically enhancing drugs can deteriorate your body and doing permanent damage to themselves and their reputation as a player. PED use ruins the enjoyment of the game for viewers because it isn’t fair for those who
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