PAS: The Right of Each Patient

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As a congressman from the state of Oregon that currently has a regulated physician assisted suicide program for the terminally ill, I am writing to you today, Mr. Blumenauer, to possibly convince you to draft a national law to legalize PAS for the United States specifically for the terminally ill. As you may know, the talk within this issue has been going around quite some time. Many americans fear that by legalizing PAS that it might create problematic issues that could lead to abuse as well as lack of advancement for medicine. Due to this fear, I feel as though you are the best person to draft this bill because you know what works and what does not. This also makes you adequate to advance this conversation currently going on about legalizing PAS. With three other states currently trying to approve a bill that will grant ill patient with the choice of assisted suicide, as well as the statistical finding that majority of Americans have no problem with PAS when it ties in with terminally ill patient, I think it is time for it to be legalized all over the states. The reason i want this to be accomplished is due to the patient’s right of life and death, it is perfectly legal for patients to legally refuse treatment so PAS should not be illegal, and in a way is a humane way to end someone life. To appease both side, I believe there should be tough restriction when it comes with PAS. I think the model from your home state (the Death with Dignity Act) sets up a perfect compromise because it has restrictions such as an age limit, only allowing patients with a terminal illness that will lead to death within six months, and the capability of the patient to make sound decision that will clearly make both sides satisfy. As a congressman ... ... middle of paper ... ...o Access Them.” Death with Dignity National Center. Drupal, n.d. Web. 5 Apr. 2014. Dieterel, J.M. "Physician Assisted Suicide: A New Look At The Arguments." Bioethics 21.3 (2007): 127-139. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. Hanafin, Matt. “Mercy or Murder: A Case Against Assisted Suicide.”, 5 Sept. 2013. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. Hensley, Scott. “Americans Support Physicians Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill.” Shots,, 28 Dec 2012. Web. 11 Mar. 2014.
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