P3 Case Study

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Unit 1
In P3
An organisation structure of an business is vital for an organisation to make it to operating successfully, however the organisation structure should match the needs of the organisation like there functional needs, appropriate lines of communication and the structure to help the organisation to achieve there preventing and solution goals. Organisational structure is particularly important for decision making. Most companies either have a tall or flat organisational structure. Small companies usually use a flat organisational structure. For example, a manager can report directly to the president instead of a director, and her assistants are only two levels below the president. Flat structures enable small companies to make quicker decisions, as they
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This may intake a solid lines and dotted lines a weaker reporting relationship, but still indicating some formal level of right to the individual’s time or it may mean multiple solid lines to more than one boss. The advantages of this organisation structure is that employees are in contact more people in their chain of organisation structure,
Hierarchical structures
• Pyramid shape structure, one person at top, few people report to him, slightly more report to them, more people further down the pyramid

• Advantages- Easy see different teams, what they’re called, how they relate, how many members (really clear how many people are at each level and team and how everything works, tall structure picture is confusing and has lots lines and shit, pyramid is not
• Disadvantages- Harder people from low levels reach
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