Oxidation Of Stainless Steel

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Study of Oxidation of Stainless Steel in Hot rolling Background Studies on the oxidation of stainless in hot rolling have obtained much attention during the last few decades where the finishing temperature ranges from 850-1100 °C. Oxidation is the formation of oxide rich scale that slows down further oxidation when formed. In stainless steels at elevated temperatures (up to 1100°C), this oxide scale is necessary as it is predominantly chromium rich and prevents further oxidation. On the other hand the metal lost in the formation of oxide will reduce the effective strength of the steel section [1]. According to the British Stainless Steel Association [2], it is obvious that the oxidation resistance depends mainly on temperature, gas composition and moisture level and steel grade (mainly chromium level). Then, understanding each of these factors and their influence on the oxidation process of stainless steel plays a big role in determining the scope of this research. In other words, the alloying element affects the temperature of which the oxide scale forms and its behaviour is at higher elevation temperature as well as gas composition and moisture level [3]. Aim The aim of this study is to observe, understand and draw conclusions on the formation of the oxide scale of the selected stainless steel at high rolling temperature and its associated factors. Objectives • Investigate the tested steel materials and its effective alloying elements in the oxidation process • Test the oxide scale thickness versus time at different humid conditions • Try to achieve more uniform and thin oxide scale at elevating high temperature • Evaluate the results and determine whether the selected steel grade is viable in meeting Objective 3 Method Th... ... middle of paper ... ...com/article.aspx?ArticleID=8286 [11] CEMEF, Pierre Montmitonnet, accessed on the 25th of april, http://www.cemef.mines-paristech.fr/cemef/sections/cemef/annuaire/chercheurs/chercheurs-cemef/pierre-montmitonnet [12] Alibaba, Stainless steel surface defects caused by sticky roller, accessed on the 24th of april, http://resources.alibaba.com/topic/800012182/Stainless_steel_surface_defects_caused_by_sticky_roller.htm [13] Alibaba, Hot rolled steel in the iron oxide scale broadband solutions generated, accessed on the 26th of april, http://resources.alibaba.com/topic/800012307/Hot_rolled_steel_in_the_iron_oxide_scale_broadband_solutions_generated.htm [14] Liu, J. (2013). "Effect of diffusion annealing on interface microstructure of hot rolled high boron alloyed stainless steel composite plate". Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment (1009-6264), 34 (4), p. 90.

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