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OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITH EMPHASIS ON CHILD CARE CENTERS INTRODUCTION This paper will discuss ways in order for you to become a business owner as well as how to start your own child care center. Owning a business is not an easy job. There is actually a very complicated and long process to become a small business owner. Before you start to think about what you want to do, you need to ask yourself if you will be committed to this venture. If you are then proceed on with your business however, if you are not then owning a business is probably not for you. With owning your own business, your going to have less personal time then you had previously. Here are some reasons people become entrepreneurs. Many people have a strong desire to be independent, they would rather be their own boss because they don’t take orders from others well. Owning a business is also a chance for owners to work at something they enjoy, they aren’t shoved behind a desk doing filing work for eight hours a day. You are free to operate at your own paces with your own business. Depending on the type of business you own, you have a great opportunity to accumulate great wealth. Purpose and Scope The purpose of this report is to inform readers of the options available to people who want to own their own business. There is also a growing need for child care. So with this need more and more people are deciding to open up child care centers. In this report I will lay out steps in how to start your own business, and what to do from there. Also, pros and cons to owning your own business. Sources and Methods In order to give the information needed to start your own business, I have searched many journals as well as business related books. Internet sources have also help get information. I have also conducted an interview with an owner of a child care center. GETTING STARTED Choosing what kind of business to open is the most important decision to make. Just because you like to make bracelets doesn’t mean you would like running a business making bracelets. You need to think about how much money you want to make, past experiences, attitudes on the business you choose, and your going to need a knowledge and some skills with the choice you make. Pros and Cons With everything else in life there can be advantages and disadvantages to owning a business. There are many... ... middle of paper ... ...a business to run, consider child care. Child care is a growing need. More mothers are going back to work after having children. The children need structure during the hours their parents are away. Those who are too young for school can find a childcare center warm and inviting. Most childcare centers will provide a curriculum that will help your children learn. The people who open and run daycare centers are doing so for a reason. That reason is because they love children. So in conclusion, if your job is going nowhere and you need to start over, consider starting your own business. Also if you like kids and can deal with them properly, consider opening a childcare center. Works Sited Burstiner, Irving. “The Small Business Handbook.” Third Edition. FIRESIDE Rockefeller Center. New York, NY 1997 Gallagher, Patricia. C. “Start Your Own Child Care Business” Second Edition. Young Sparrow Press, Worcester, PA 2000 McKeever, Mike. “How to Write a Business Plan” Sixth Edition. September 2002. WWW.Startingadaycarecenter.com “Starting a Day Care Center” 2003 WWW.Onlinewbc.gov “Online Women’s Business Center” 2004 WWW.SBA.gov “Owning Your Own Business (Pros and Cons)” 2003

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