Owning Your Own Business

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Owning Your Own Business "I had the desire that I could do something better than anyone else," states Jim Vitiello, president and CEO of US Office Solutions. This desire dawned on Vitiello seven years ago when he decided to take on the tasks of starting his own company. Little did he know that this desire would affect his life in many ways; many risks are taken, many are sacrifices made, but the outcome lasts a lifetime. Starting out many people may possess a fear when confronted with the thought of opening their own business. It is this fear that Vitiello used as his motivation in the early years. "You risk everything. There's fear of failure, of starting over. I succeeded by fear of failure." Vitiello quit his very secure job at American Office Equipment to start his own company because he felt he was being held back from what he was capable of doing. The well-being of Jim and his family is a major risks Jim took, but a physical risks Jim almost took occurred about 17 years ago when Jim worked as a delivery boy for Panisonic. A delivery had to be made to the Cabrini Green housing projects and Jim had won a coin toss not to go. So his co-worker went and an hour later he stormed through the door yelling "I got shot in the ass!" Apparently a stray bullet hit the poor delivery man. Jim also found it amusing that the guy came back to the company before going to the hospital. Along with the risks, sacrifices are also a big part of starting your own company. Vitiello's biggest sacrifice was the time he spent on the new company and not with his family. The first couple years of starting a new company takes much work and dedication. Time with family and friends must be cut back to have success. A person's social life may become nonexistent until the company can stand alone. Vitiello recalls "I miss my family and friends, it's hard to stay positive with such a heavy workload." Another sacrifice made by Vitiello was his initial financial loss. Vitiello left his job and started his new company, reducing his income initially by 75%. The financial loss that Jim initially suffered had a ripple affect into his family's lifestyle. His wife, Patti, who didn't previously need a job, took up two jobs. His two children both in elementary

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