Overview of the US Military

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The military is what protects our country which usually means weapons are involved. The military isn’t all about war and combat, there are other careers that people can pursue rather than fighting. Jobs that don’t involve combat are usually similar to typical civilian jobs. The military is a great career to pursue because there will always be a need for it. Before enlisting into the military, it is good to know what the military does, how much money a service member makes, the education and training required, and the job out outlook. The military is involved in a lot of different things. Their service purpose is to train for and perform different tasks to keep the United States a safe country. Every service member has their specific job in the military, and when someone enlists in the military they already know what they want to do. The most common jobs in the military are fighter pilots and infantrymen. Those are just some of the jobs that the military provides. Service members that are not in combat work in jobs that are similar to civilian occupations such as nurses, doctors, and lawyers. There are five different branches in the military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. Each of these branches specializes in different things. Marines and army are involved with combat as in infantry men. The Air Force is known for planes and fighter pilots. Coast Guard deals with people watching the coast and saving people that get stuck out at sea. There a specific duties that the military do. They have to distinguish between the two different careers enlisted or officer. Most of the service members in the military are involved in enlisted careers. Enlisted make up 83% of the armed forces. (Statistics) The remaining member... ... middle of paper ... ...ugh 2022. (Statistics)There are an unlimited number of jobs that are available for anyone in the military. There is always a job for someone to do. Employment options are high in any branch of military a service member is in. In conclusion the military has multiple things it does, and the salary of service members is good. Also the education and training require is nothing out of the ordinary and the job outlook is really good for the military service in the future. Works Cited Information, U.S. Air Force. About the Air Force. 8 January 2014. 15 January 2014 . Military, Todays. Military Benefits. 8 January 2014. 17 Janurary 2014 . Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor. Occupational Outlook Handbook. 8 January 2014. 15 January 2014 .
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