Overview of Singapore

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Relocation is always an exciting experience and a challenge to the people who have no knowledge about the deployed country. Therefore, we are happy to provide any assistance for your upcoming journey. This article is aim to provide information of Singapore to help you gain your knowledge before your arrival. It includes brief introduction and some suggestions. We hope you may find it useful.
Singapore, strategically situated at the Southern tip of the Malayan Peninsula, between Malaysia and Indonesia, is an island city state with 714 sq km. Singapore is a young country—2015 will be its fifty years independence. Singapore has been referred to by a variety of names, such as "Puluozhou", "Temasek" and "Singapura". As you can guess, the last one is the Malay origins for the modern name of Singapore. Singapore was under several power of region. The major historical transformation was the establishment of British East India Company who founded in 1819 from an agreement signed with Sultan Hussein Shah. It is the founding of modern Singapore as the British needed a trading post along the Malacca Strait. By 1832, Singapore had become the centre of government for the Straits Settlements. On 1 April 1867, the Straits Settlements became a Crown Colony under the jurisdiction of the Colonial Office in London. Singapore became a major port of call for ships plying between Europe and East Asia in 1869. Now Singapore is one of the biggest seaport and important financial centre in the world.
People and languages
Singapore has 5.3 million in its population, with 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 9.2% Indian and 3.3% others. The four official languages are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English. While Malay is the national language, English is the ...

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