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Pinterest Social Media. A term and idea that is growing and changing at nearly unimaginable rates. A term, for the latter generation, that is foreign and confusing. A term that has turned from a new and exciting idea to a necessity, for the young adult and adolescent generation. A term that has gotten its fair share of negative comments and blaming. Nevertheless, new cites and companies continue to materialize in no time at all. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace were of the first to revolutionize this era. As time continues new and improved cites are created and the crazes of yesterday are forgotten. Pinterest, a cite where users get to pin their interests on the their own individual pages, is a cite that is here to stay. Criticized for wasting time, Pinterest has become a hot topic of conversation. However, the social media site of Pinterest is a positive asset to its users. After the ever so famous roaring twenties, the United States fell in to a great depression. Infamously known in America as a very hard, trying time for citizens, the depression turned the tables for the booming country. People longed for an escape from the torture they were living. Citizens were known to save up their pennies for a long while to save money to go to the movies. An ‘out’. Similar to the economic recession that occurred in 2007, people yearned for a distraction. A distraction from life. Launched in 2009, Pinterest was an answer. Users could login, pin, wish, imagine, dream and hope for better times for free. Users have access to, as far as they are concerned, an unlimited number of photos. All under their own subcategory. Summing up the general topics, Pinterest created 38 topics ranging from ‘men’s fashion’, ‘woman’s fashion’ and ‘hair and beaut... ... middle of paper ... ...aste of one’s precious moments, it is a much better choice than T.V. or video games because it keeps your mind engaged and makes the user feel good. Pinterest is indeed a great program that is a positive asset to all who decide to have a great time. Works Cited Ayan, Steve. "Laughing Matters." Science Reference Center. EBSCO, Apr.-May 2009. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. . Borchardt, Debra. "Pinterest Is a $7.7 Billion Company." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 16 Apr. 2012. Web. 12 Jan. 2014. Gaille, Brandon. "Pinterest User Age Demographics." BrandonGaillecom. ByReputation.com, n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2014. Smith, Craig. "Pinterest Insider." Pinterest Insider. N.p., 06 Apr. 2013. Web. 18 Jan. 2014.

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