Overview of Nigerian History

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Known to be the birthplace of Homo sapiens, Africa is believed to be where civilization first started (Grinker and Lubkemann), making it the world’s oldest populated area. It is predicted to double its population to 2.3 billion by the year 2050 (Steve Boyes). Located in West Africa, Nigeria is one of Africa’s most economically enriched countries and has become the largest trading center in the sub – Saharan region. With history that dates back to the first known tribe settled there, the Nok people. With regaining their independence from the British in 1960, Nigeria has become one of Africa’s most leading countries.
Nigeria has an extensive history that dates back to the 5th century when the people of the Nok tribe first settled in non-disrupted grasslands. They lived in the Jos plateau, which is located in central Nigeria. During this period, the Nok raised crops and cattle and created artwork out of terra cotta. Similar to cavemen, they lived a simple life and did not have many rules or systems. The advancement in iron would soon change the Nok people’s way of life. Their advances would soon find its way through Africa and organize a trading system for southern regions. The Nok people, having discovered the use of iron tools, produced figurines. To this day, you can find Nok inspiration in many other African tribes’ artwork (Ajayi).
Although the Nok people are not known to still be an active tribe in Africa, their artwork and other tools remain. Archaeologists have found remains of the tools the Nok tribe created and used (Ajayi). There have been recent discoveries of the Nok’s people’s ancient terra cotta heads. A British archaeologist by the name of Bernard Fagg managed to gather 200 individual heads and concludes that they d...

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