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Marketing Plan Summary Music Victoria is the peak government body in Victoria that seeks to actively support Victorian music with a vision of being nationally and internationally recognised for realising the full potential of Victorian music through their strong, progressive and independent voice. In order to do this it is time for Music Victoria to asses what they are doing and think about taking a different approach to marketing and towards getting their name out there, making people more aware of what they actually do and how important it is to support local music. Music Victoria is going to be highly successful due to the sheer amount of incredible talent, with the power to nurture and support this wonderfull industry people will see their efforts having a positive effect on our culture and with any luck, jump on the band wagon. The following report demonstrates how Music Victoria are planning to achieve their mission of championing Victorian music. The Business Business name: Music Victoria Business location: Brunswick, Victoria Date established:2009 Products/services: A government body established to support Victorian music The Future Vision statement: Music Victoria will be nationally and internationally renowned for: Realising the full potential of Victorian music through a strong progressive and independent voice. Goals/objectives: As stated on their website: Music Victoria’s key goals are to provide advocacy on behalf of the music industry, to actively support the development of the Victorian music community and to celevreate and promote Victorian music. It aims to be broadly inclusive of the contemporary music industry across all music genres, industry sectors and professions and to be accessible for met... ... middle of paper ... ...ey could maybe do things different to improve on the next time. Works Cited - Music Victoria . (2013). Home Page. Available: http://musicvictoria.com.au/index.php. Last accessed 24th Jan 2014. Pages used: o About Music Victoria o Music Victoria Board o Victorian Music Council o Membership o Contact Us These sites were used as a comparison, I have only linked the home pages however the entire sites were explored. - Music NSW. (2014). Home Page. Available: http://www.musicnsw.com. Last accessed 24th Jan 2014. - MusicSA. (2010). Home Page. Available: http://www.musicsa.com.au/default.aspx. Last accessed 24th Jan 2014. - Q Music. (unknown). Home Page. Available: http://www.qmusic.com.au. Last accessed 24th Jan 2014. - West Australian Music. (2013). Home Page. Available: http://www.wam.org.au/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx. Last accessed 24th Jan 2014.
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