Overview of Modern Day Human Trafficking

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“Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, right? While it is true that slavery is illegal almost everywhere on earth, the fact is there are more slaves today than there ever were…” is a quote by Robert Alan Silverstein referring to the issue with human trafficking in today’s society. This quote accurately describes slavery now because slavery now is more hidden and not out in the open like it used to be. According to Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking an estimated 2.5 million people each year are forced into labor as a result of trafficking. Out the 2.5 percent of people that are forced into trafficking, estimated amounts of one to two percent are ever actually rescued. These events would not be possible if a country’s government actually stepped in and did more to try and help prevent human trafficking. Governments need to step in and do more because trafficking occurs too much when people visit foreign countries, because of the damage that is inflicted to the victims, and because it will help stop the exploitation of innocent people. Human trafficking is defined as the act of recruiting, harboring, and/or transport of people within or between countries for exploitation. Every country, including the United States is guilty of human trafficking. Human trafficking is considered the second largest global organized crime today, generating an estimated profit of 31.6 billion dollars according to the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. The United States has come to believe that 800,000 people are trafficked amongst countries every year. With the 800,000 people trafficked every year thousands more are trafficked within countries including the United States. There is no age range to become human slaves, but the average ra...

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