Overview of Childhood Amnesia

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How much do you remember, about your childhood? There are memories in the mind, which we do not clearly understand. Some memories are clearly suppressed, either accidently or intentionally. Perhaps, those memories are not one of the fond memories from your childhood. Maybe your memories are spotty with little detail of the events, or do you remember them in great detail with information of your surroundings. Children memory loss is commonly referred to as childhood amnesia. There is such a thing as childhood amnesia, in which every child experiences memory loss. When will the memory begins to fade away. So many memories as a babies or child are lost in the child development stages. Which memory will the child remember? How much of that memory will he or she remember? A group of scientists led by Patricia Bauer and Marina Larkina, experiment with children to test this theory.

To prove that children experienced childhood amnesia, Emory University conducted a study. The study involved children of the age three. Having their memories recorded and observed by scientists. To determine when will children experience a loss of memory? There were series of questions asked to the three year olds about their childhood, from their parents. "Remember when we went to Chuck E. Cheese's?"(When do childhood memories fade?, 2014) "Did you have pizza?" (When do childhood memories fade?, 2014) They would answer the questions sometimes or change the subject to something like the zoo. Years later, researchers divided the children into groups, in which they repeated this process when some of the kids were between the ages of 5 through 7 and 7 through 9."The younger group remembered about 70 percent of the events." (When do childhood memories fade?, 201...

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...ich she believes is between the ages of nine and the college years." (Clack, C., 2014)

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