Overview Of The Difference Machine By Charles Babbage

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In 1812 Charles Babbage began designing the “Difference Machine”, which is considered one of the first programmable computers ( Computers are used in many different fields of the world. As time progressed computers also progressed. At one time computers were enormous. The myths of a computer take over will not happen. Now humans are able to carry tiny computers in their pocket.
The History of Computers
The first computer in history is called the “Difference Machine”. The “Difference Machine” was designed to be able to solve complex math equations and remember the answers to the problems solved ( “Due to the cost of the thousands of precisely cut metal gears. Charles Babbage only built a prototype of the machine”, ( “Babbage made an improved version of the machine with the help of the Countess of Lovelace. The improved version is called the “Analytical Engine”. This machine could work with prewritten instructions now called program. The machine was given a slip of paper that had holes punched into it, this was the equation. Even this computer cost too much for Babbage to build. These machines are considered the first computers, because they had a processor, a memory and a program”, ( Babbage may have never mass produced the machines but he started the evolution of computers.
“John Mauchly and John Presper Eckert developed the ENIAC I (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator) in the year 1946”, ( “ENIAC became the first modern computer. The project was sponsored by the American Military to calculate artiller...

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... it displays an image that enables physicians to look beneath the patient’s skin. As the scanner passes over the patient, it displays an image of bone and tissue structure on a computer screen” (
“Education: Computers are used in colleges to provide the methods of teaching in different ways. The computer education is very familiar and rapidly increasing the graph of computer students. There are number of methods in which educational institutions can use computer to educate the students. Much computer-based educational softwares are available, which students can learn to read, to count, or to speak a foreign language. Software that combines the thrills of games with real information content is becoming most popular. Some organizations are using information technology in their employee training programs” (
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