Overview Of Divorce On Children

In recent years the rate of divorce has risen. Divorce has been around for centuries but it has not been until recent decades that these rates have sky rocketed. Today it is believed that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce (Lansford, 2009, p.140; Uphold & Utz, 2012, p.247). With this high percentage of families being dissolved it brings up the question of how it is affecting the children in those families. There is the assumption that all children will experience an immediate or at least temporary affect that is associated with divorce (Uphold 2012), which would be a logical assumption to make. However, as someone who does not come from a divorced family, it is important to obtain proper information about this topic, instead of simply making assumptions about the issues children may be facing. Even though we do not have an official estimate over the number of children who are affected by divorce each year (Amato 2010), according to Fagan in 2000, roughly 1 million children each year will experience the divorce of their parents. This may come as a shock to some, but when thinking about it, almost all people know someone or of someone who has gotten a divorce and most people typically know more than one person who has. Considering that most families have at least one child, it is no wonder that so many are being affected. That is not to say that all parts of divorce impact children, because the legal aspect seems to have few effects (Amato 2010). Yet it is known that there are many changes that come along with divorce. Some of those changes include changing one’s standard of living and even one’s place of residence (Amato 2010). With the changes that occur from dissolution, the dramatic increase of the divorce rate and the fact ...

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...en and to second be there for their kids. Support can be a huge factor in helping a child. It is important for families to take all the facts discussed into consideration when handling conflict and going through divorce. By no means does this mean that two people should not have conflict or should not get a divorce, instead it means that we need to realize that divorce affects all members and those affects vary. If a child, no matter what the age, is having a difficulty with a divorce it is important that help is sought.
Research Question:
How are parents, which are going through divorce, better able to help children deal with the impacts of the divorce?
*Although this review encompasses many of the different areas that can affect a child’s impact of divorce, it is not the only information out there. For more information please refer to the references at the end.

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