Overview Of Consciousness

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People experience in an out of different states of consciousness, such as daydreaming, yet still able to prepare basic tasks. Consciousness is often described as when people are being attentive of their own surrounding and something within themselves. The subject of consciousness was very essential for many psychologists in the different approaches to psychology. Two of the perspectives to study consciousness, cognitive and biological, has guided us to reconsider the ideas about the mind. This can be described as part of a human being that allows them to express an awareness of the environment and background of experiences, as a part of our knowledge about consciousness (Holt et al. 2012). Reconsidering these diverse ideas of consciousness has made psychologists interested to learn more about the mystery of consciousness in many special ways. The scientist in 1850`s started to study human perception, vision and the nervous system in the human mind. William Wundt started to explore the understanding of consciousness, as well as feelings, emotions and ideas. He viewed the consciousness as having several parts, and he intended that this could be investigated by analysis or reduction. He was certain that the conscious mind actively systematises the experiences instant. William Wundt believed in something called introspection. The idea behind introspection is that a person can observe inside the human mind and find out the information of what they are thinking and feeling. We will now look at the approach of consciousness through behavioural aspects and neurophysiological aspects as well as introducing different theories and measures that covers the measuring of consciousness. One of the theories that still influence the experi... ... middle of paper ... ...roencephalographic (EEG) movement in the 20-70 Hz variety (Berger, H. 1929 & Baars, B.J. et al, 2003). Event-related cortical potentials (ERPs) are known for measuring a stimulus either if it is consciously apparent or not, however there has been some argument about if the early components are highly revealing of the conscious awareness, which includes how the amount changes ~100 ms vs ~300 ms after the stimulus starts. Several features if of the EGG signal is associated with the bispectral index to approximate the anaesthetic depth, which is the conscious level, and later see the chance of waking up in the middle of the surgery. The theories that have been mentioned in this literature review suggest the use of particular measures, and these particular measures accept certain theories. These particular measures focus on every diverse part of the consciousness.

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