Overpopulation in the United States

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Overpopulation in the United States The world is being over populated with humans not only in China but in the United States of America as well. The problem isn’t as obvious in the United States as in other countries, but I believe over-populated nations will soon become a problem everywhere in the world. Population is not a bad thing in all situations, but I think that our population growth problem is un-healthy and needs to slow down. I believe there are several ways to come about this problem as well. Population can be slowed down in many ways; it’s just how we choose to execute this problem. I do not think drastic measurements need to take place in order to slow down our rapid growth in the United States. Regulations and higher immigration standards need to take place. The population problem began in China in 1940, when there were about 540 million people living in China. Then, by 1970, the population jumped to about 850 million people. Everyone feared the population problem would get worse, and lead to starvation riots and political instability. The government had to step in and take action. China began a government-sponsored advertising campaign to try to influence the people to help slow down the population problem. Their motto was “later, spaced, and few” (p601). Instead of using television or live broadcasts, the government used posters as their advertisements. The campaign really started to pick up when the government developed and started enforcing the one-child policy. The one-child policy was a policy that limited families to one child. On the posters the campaign used to apply this act, there would be a happy family of three, all dressed very nicely and looking extremely healthy and well off. This was to ... ... middle of paper ... ... a big problem. Some people say it’s not a problem right now, so we shouldn’t worry about it until it becomes a problem, therefore putting it off for the next generation. Turning your head and putting this problem off is only going to make it worse. If we can slow it down now and make some minor adjustments to better prepare us for the future we will be better off in the long run. China had this problem and they over came it, so when the problem occurs in the United States I think we can over come it. But I do think we need to be better prepared for it when that time comes, because it will come and we need to have some kind of policy or plan in mind, and start little adjustments to ease into the process so it does not get out of hand. That is my theory, and opinion on population, and how it should be handled, and how one should go about to start fixing these problems.
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