Overpopulation in the Herd

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What do you prefer, big bucks or big bucks? Think it’s the same? Well it isn’t. Illinois has plenty of white-tailed deer as seen in the total harvest reports that the Department of Natural Resources releases at the end of the deer hunting season. Whitetail deer can be found anywhere from farms in even suburban neighborhoods. Illinois also has plenty of land set aside for forest preserves. Deer quickly repopulate and in ten years a herd that started with 10-15 deer can turn into 100-150 deer. Managing the herd is a necessity. In the state parks and forest preserves the government decides to hire sharpshooters, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing besides the outrageous amount of money it costs to take out just one deer. Shutting down the parks in the winter months when deer season is in and opening them to deer hunters would be the better thing to do. It creates revenue for the state and produces meat for the hunters that harvest a deer which maintains the herd’s population. Many hunters rely on deer meat to survive while some people just want horns. Hiring sharpshooters and biologists is not the way to go about harvesting these deer. Letting the citizens hunt the preserves is the way to go about it. With the sharp shooters harvesting the deer, the county loses money. With letting the citizens go in and hunt, the county makes money. That is why they shouldn’t allow sharpshooters to come in.
County parks or forest preserves, whatever people know them as, are in some instances the only place where deer can reside due to urbanization. The land is set aside to never become housing developments and stay the way it is for years to come. The land might be 40 acres or it might be over 400 acres. Any size acreage has the ability have deer o...

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...e anywhere from 50-175 pounds of meat. Most deer hunters harvest at least one deer a season if not more. Hunters can legally harvest two bucks and dependent on the county as many does as they can fit in their freezer. That is where deer hunting really comes in handy for those who are less fortunate and can’t afford to buy their meat from the farm or the supermarket.
Instead of paying two thousand dollars a deer and up to a million in each county when they do have the deer shoots, they could open up the parks to the public for hunting purposes. Managing the herd while creating revenue and feeding those in need and those not necessarily in need sounds a lot better than spending money to have it done and is much more practical. Those are just a few reasons County parks should open up for deer season instead of wasting money harvesting deer by methods of sharpshooting.
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