Overpopulation In The City

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One of the most common problems in big cities is overpopulation. Today we are seeing an increase in the population of Wichita. This can have both, a positive impact, and a negative impact. Many consider this a local problem because with the increase of population in a city everything else also increases. Surely there might be more income, but the crime rate will also increase as well as the city expenses. Wichita has been known as the air capital of the world, and the neon capital of the world too. The city was considered calm, friendly with good work ethics, and an opportunity for everyone in it. As the population increases the negative effects do too. As unemployment increases, the homeless increase as well as the criminals. As there are more people, the jobs are…show more content…
The overpopulation also creates traffic, and forces for roads to be rebuilt to get rid of that problem. It is a better thing because it generates jobs, but it also affects the daily living, and it creates traffic. Some may not be able to see that overpopulation may be a problem in Wichita. Sure, it looks like downtown is empty because there are a few vacant buildings, but, many businesses have experienced break ins do to the crime increase in Wichita. There have been more crimes involving weapons lately than they did a few years back. The problem is that many of the people that come to live here have criminal records, and when they do not find a job or something stable to maintain themselves they become criminals. Only causing more problems than we already had. Also, as the population increases, the city expenses increase. The roads are not in very good condition as they are heavily used daily, especially in downtown, even though the city is constantly working on the roads. The overpopulation may not affect all Wichita just yet, but it is something that is growing. It is something that is affecting primarily poor neighborhoods, and
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