Overpopulation Essay

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“As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it."
- Genesis 9:7 (NIV, 2011)
This is the verse that started it all. The verse that caused the biggest misconception, humankind can never comprehend. The verse that changed the worldview and the moral view of our fellow countrymen about the preciousness and the importance of life which led others to have 6, 7, 8 or 21 family members living in the same roof. And the verse that lead us into the biggest problem that is inevitable to each one of us – the world’s never ending overpopulation.
This issue of moral vs. social views in overpopulation extends on each and every part of the world. Based on the Documents of the Holy Father, “Certainly, we would not deny that this or that region is at present burdened by a relatively excess population. But the desire to solve the difficulty with a formula that the number of inhabitants should be regulated according to the public economy is equivalently to subvert the order of nature and the entire psychological and moral world which is bound up with it. What an error it would be to blame the natural law for the present miseries of the world, when it is clear that these derive from the lack of mutual solidarity of men and peoples!” (Zimmerman, 1957).
But the Italian Catholic Union of Midwives took their stand against overpopulation by proposing them to use the modern trend which is called contraceptives. As reported by Zimmerman (1957), unfortunately, cases are not rare in which even a cautious reference to children as a "blessing" Is enough to provoke a downright denial and perhaps even derision. Far more frequently, in thought and in words, the attitude of considering children a heavy "bu...

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