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Overpopulation occurs when the population growth is larger than the natural resources to sustain life. Many believe that human overpopulation may become a global issue. One could argue that overpopulation will not become an issue due to natural selection, the amount of open space that is left uninhabited on earth as well as the use of genetically engineered food.
Natural selection needs to be considered when discussing whether or not overpopulation may become a problem. Natural selection is the theory that the strongest and healthiest genes will survive and the weaker will perish. Diseases and birth defects are some examples of natural selection. Thomas Malthus was the first person to bring overpopulation to light (Macmillan Encyclopedia, 2003). Mathus believed that food production and population growth were growing at the same rate; therefore making it impossible for improvements. The United Nations also worries that the increase in population will be harmful to the environment (Maacmillaan encyclopedia, 2003). The United Nations has developed a fund to help educate people on birth control and family planning in order to help to prevent overpopulation. Overpopulation will not become a problem due to the fact that people still dying from diseases and illnesses. Also overpopulation is slowed down due to advancements in family planning and education.
China has created a law that only allows for a family to have one child. This law is in an attempt to control population control. This law has caused families to terminate pregnancy’s as well as to abandoned a child if it was not the gender the family had hoped for. Population control is harmful to children and families. Having children is a personal decision and should ...

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