Overdependent On Technology

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People Have Become Overly Dependent On Technology There is a readily identifiable relationship between the 21st century and technology. Currently, technology is being embraced to perform certain duties such as enjoyment, communication, researching, workforce, and for transport purposes. Some people are not addicted to technology while others are addicted. Some people hate using technology in everything they do while others prefer the use of technology on hourly basis. Therefore, technology has become one of the contemporary topics that are available for heated debate from technological critics. The question is, “have people become overly dependent on technology?” Yes, I support the argument by affirming that, indeed, people have concentrated more on the use of technology. Currently, shifts in modernization have influenced overdependence on the use of technology for various purposes. People start embracing technology from the time they rise from their beds. This is referred to as being “awaken” by technology. People no longer use their circadian cycles to estimate time. Alarm gadgets are all over the place to wake them up. Others have even designed pillows that are inclusive of alarm machines. Overdependence on the alarm technology has affected some people negatively in such a way that they cannot wake up without the help of alarm gadgets. Their minds have been configured with the alarms. The effects of this habit are that students and workers are likely to get late to school and their workplaces when the alarm gadgets become faulty. Culturally, reading is the best mind-enlightening habit. In this case,” reading” means perusing through print media such as books, novel, and newspapers. However, print media is on the decline. Har... ... middle of paper ... ...that the mailmen are losing grip of their jobs at a very fast rate. Mailing companies have been forced to cut down the workforce due to inactivity in the industry. Communication through mails was effective, highly individual, and secure. Contrarily, Internet communication does not guarantee safety due to hacking activities and exposure on social media platforms. Conclusively, I am compelled to assert that technology is good for the modern man. Globalization, advances in business activities, and embracing all means of modernity depend on technology to thrive. However, technology should not completely replace the use of common sense and normal mental reasoning. People should not be blindfolded by technology to prevent negative consequences of the vice. As much as we should embrace technology, taking care should be a priority to prevent being overridden by the events.

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