Overcoming the Fear of Genetically Modified Food

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The world is developing; positively and negatively. Some people don’t even realize that the world is having trouble producing food. Currently, it’s not as evident as it will be in the future. Most of society has trouble accepting the fact that there is a solution to the trouble of food production. The key is to produce GMO’s which stands for genetically modified organisms. The world needs to overcome its fear of genetically modified food, as it will be hugely significant in the future. Genetically modified foods are often mistaken as fake food that is grown in test tubes or injected with chemicals. Instead of seeing the negatives of genetically modified foods, people must begin to see the positives because of the purpose they will serve in the upcoming years. Problems with the world’s food are caused because of, global warming, growth in population and problematic weather conditions, but can be solved using GMO’s. For people to accept what GMO’s are, they must first understand what they are and the reasons why they could possibly save their lives in the future.
Many people are under the impression that genetically modified foods are artificial food and are loaded with chemicals. But if this were true, the government would not permit the commerce of genetically modified food. It is crucial that people conquer their fear of genetically modified food and realise its benefits Also, GMO’s are still at the beginning stages of development and continue to improve because of scientific advancements. A process of “editing” the genes in the DNA of the food is used. One of the most promising gene engineering tools is the Talens. Nucleuses and proteins are fused that cut DNA thus creating a precise editing tool. Then, a plant gene gun is use...

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...loped and if people don’t allow for more research and continue to protest against its research, the world will encounter a huge problem in the future when GMO’s will be needed the most. That is why people must overcome their fear of genetically modified food and have an open mind about it.
The world and its citizens must decide whether they rather live in a world of hunger or a world with genetically modified food because the future will be much different from what the world is today. Something has to be done about the world’s food crisis and at the moment, GMO’s are one of the few effective solutions. The fear of genetic modification in food must be surmounted and society has to open their eyes and face the truth about genetic modification. Science and technology will continue to develop and so will the planet and the people. The solution is genetic modification.
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