Overcoming the Challenges that May Come at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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I have been challenged with many things throughout my lifetime. These challenges have taught me life lessons that have helped me to overcome difficulties. Two of the biggest lessons I have learned from life is that I have to work hard and deal with stress if I want to succeed. I have put these two lessons to work in all aspects of my life, especially while I am in school. I feel like my hard work and my stress management goes unnoticed by others. Many people I have talked to think I have it easy, but in reality, I have struggles like everyone else. My hard work and stress management help get me through challenging situations. I face difficult challenges every day that I have to overcome, most dealing with my education. I have succeeded in school ever since I was little. I didn’t have to work hard to receive good grades, making my life stress-free. I was pretty smart, and understanding the subject came easy for me. Good grades have been my prominent goal throughout most of my education. Because school had been so easy for me, I had to take a step back and ask myself, “Why am I in school?” Before high school, I would have answered, “To get good grades,” but something changed when I got to high school. Some of my classes were becoming more challenging. It was no longer all about the grades, but the lessons I learned in these classes. Grades are still very important to me, but if it were only about the grade, I would have missed out on the learning experiences that helped shape who I am today. Most high school students don’t notice what their classes are really teaching them; until my junior year, I was the same way. I have always liked facing challenges because I love the feeling I get when I overcome them. Becau... ... middle of paper ... ...enefitted from this as it helped improve my well-being. I made sure I was taking advantage of every resource I could so that I could overcome adversity. During this time I felt that I was no longer motivated solely by my grade, but by my attitude towards the class. This attitude included my hard work and dealing with the stress that came along the way. I realized that my toughest high school classes were not only about their objectives, but also about the lessons I took from them. I finally learned what it really meant to work hard and to deal with stress in order to overcome hardship. I will now be able to overcome any challenge that is throw my way while attending the University of Wisconsin- Madison and throughout the rest of my life. This has been something that has gone unnoticed in my life, but it is a very important experience that I have learned from.
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