Overcoming Test Anxiety

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“Hey sweetie, how did your exam go?” said mom. “Oh it was okay I guess…” I said. “Well do you think you aced it?” She said. “Maybe I just feel so worried that I didn’t do go, I mean the whole time all I could think about was, do I know this, is that the right answer, and my stomach was in knots the whole time.” If this sounds like you when you know you have a big exam coming up, you’re not alone. A lot of people have test anxiety, some worse than others, but there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s a few tips and tricks to overcoming test anxiety. One of the most important factors in getting ready for a big exam is to study the material till you can’t stand to look at it any longer. Try to avoid cramming the night before a big exam or test. Start your studying process in advanced. If your exam is 2 weeks away start now, manage your time wisely. You can never go wrong with going…show more content…
If you are studying in a comfortable place, say your bed or couch, your body will be in a relaxed state of mind and prone to not recalling as much learned material come test time. You could also potentially end up falling asleep and not get your adequate study time. It is good to be in a comfortable place while studying so here’s a list good places to go and study efficiently. Number one would have to be the library. It is the quietest place you could probably find and it even has resources for you to use to help aid you in your studies. Next, you could go to your local coffee shop. There’s nothing bad about getting yourself a little pick me up to help keep you awake and focused. If you’re feeling like you have been cooped up for too long take it outside! Find a nice park with some sunlight to help waken up your mood. And last if you feel you need help understanding some of the topics to be studied head to tutoring center. It’s a great way to ask questions and further understand the

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